Anonymous asked: “ Hi, do you know any good romcom destiel fics? ”

Yep yep yep!!

Lovingly Crafted And Tenderly Packaged by Janie_tangerine

Shortskirts Verse by Twentysomething

The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester by Tuesday

We Became Fans of Collisions by Her-own-write

Of Coffees and Cellphones by Mabele

The Request by Cloudyjenn

Play It All Night Long by Janie_tangerine

Start Quoting Shakespeare and We’re Done by Pyrebi

White Winter Hymnal by Newblue

How To Romance A Human by Cloudyjenn

In The Weeds by Nanoochka

A Brief Glimpse by Cloudyjenn

Destiel Actually by Cuboid

Bring It On Home by Thecouchcarrot

Peanut Butter-Pumpkin Wedding Cake by Sparseparsely

Hungry Eyes by Alreadypainfullygone

Christmas Doesn’t Just Happen Accidently by Alreadypainfullygone

The Holiday by Alreadypainfullygone

A Very Supernatural Advent Calendar by Alreadypainfullygone

Haaaaaaaaave You Met Dean? by Alreadypainfullygone

The Devil Wears Prado by Alreadypainfullygone

Failure To Cuddle Is Not An Option by Annie D

As Easy As Pie by Devilsduplicity